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Plastic Products

PP Products is one of the leading plastic packaging suppliers in Malaysia. We cover a full spectrum of flexible plastic packaging with affordable prices. We are the market leader and innovator in pursuing the latest packaging technology with unmatched quality. We offer a wide variety of plastic packaging projects depending on budget, size, colors; design etc to meet your company's advertising needs. We have been working with different projects in the past involving shoe boxes, beverage packaging, stationery packaging, premium gifts packaging, clear packaging etc for renowned companies in Malaysia. We also offer premium printed plastic packaging with customized designs to complement on either branding awareness or marketing campaigns. Please feel free to browse though our product gallery or give us a call if you need assistance.

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lg_7021 lg_7055 lg_7102 lg_7123 lg_7139 lg_7151 lg_7154 lg_7171 lg_7001 lg_7037 lg_7086 lg_7111 lg_7124 lg_7137 lg_7145 lg_7285 lg_7793752302_4d1f52b8c7 lg_7793748030_1363a45625 lg_7793717480_69258220b8 lg_7793704002_f47c40d653 lg_7793676850_7f85d170be lg_7793710562_67d9e98cdf lg_7793746572_22d7956547 lg_7793751536_23f395012b lg_7793716062_c95bcaa033 lg_7793699856_e6f904d9b0 lg_7793753082_c776f60982 lg_7793738710_c7b672c23e lg_7793688134_a9bf3a129b lg_7793680712_94b1516d6c lg_7793744724_3ebb5fcd0a picture galleries for websitesby v6.0

PP Products supply different types of plastic bags, plastic shopping bags and other marketing associated plastic bags in different shapes sizes and materials. All of our plastic bags can be made specifically to your desired designs. We are well known with high quality finishing and printing on plastic bags to help enhance your branding and marketing efforts. Our plastic bags are suitable for various retail packaging purposes ranging from clothing, shoes, food & beverages etc either in pre-printed or custom designed. We make sure our plastic bags can help enhance with brand emphasis for your company. Our plastic bags are manufactured with innovative and sophisticated technologies to ensure accurate color reproduction and only use durable PP materials for our plastic bags. Please feel free to browse though our product gallery or give us a call if you need assistance.

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lg_7022 lg_7030 lg_7046 lg_7103 lg_7015 lg_7016 lg_7100 lg_posterbag lg_7793728330_e1675ef562 picture galleries for websitesby v6.0

PP Products supply plastic folders and plastic files for in a comprehensive range. We hold plastic files, plastic folders, plastic document cases, plastic envelopes and other plastic stationery materials for business purposes. We have pre-printed designs with multicolor to choose from for general usage. On top of that we do custom designed plastic files and folder which is suitable for holding marketing materials. It can be done in different sizes, dimensions, colors and designs depending on business needs. We emphasize on quality so that materials in the plastic folders can be kept protected and safe all the time. Please feel free to browse though our product gallery or give us a call if you need assistance.

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Plastic Document Case: 7167 Plastic Document Case: 7027 Plasstic Document Case: 7157 Plastic Document Case: Seminar Plastic Document Case: Sewing lg_7793706236_8cc00b8453 lg_7793714266_57eec61a19 lg_7793733816_7598d89f55 lg_7793736218_c04a689cc2 lg_7793754802_f3e4d42242 picture galleries for websitesby v6.0

Plastic gifts and boxes are seen as one of the most efficient tool to promote a brand or product in a marketing effort. Plastic gifts can come in various from coasters, plastic fans, stationery holders, plastic organizer just to name a few from our huge selection of plastic boxes. These are highly customizable to fit into any sort of marketing campaigns, or to just hold leaflets and brochures of your company's information. They are made with the highest possible PP material to stay up to expectations to showcase your products and materials. Please browse through our unique projects in the past below to find different samples in many color and sizes. If you need a plastic box or gift for your marketing campaign, give us a call and we will do our best.

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lg_bookmark lg_cdfile lg_coaster lg_coaster_set lg_fan lg_mousepad lg_organizer lg_penholder lg_ruler lg_handphoneholder2 lg_leafletholder lg_microsoft lg_7793669532_9b93f4b658 lg_7793749612_4d583586f4 lg_7793690208_18c5c289ec lg_7793742042_4c735a258b lg_7793729934_3bcf87ba0e lg_7793721938_f4319b4b31 lg_7793720002_4406b1f314 lg_7793712156_5c6b48d461 lg_7793709700_66b8e414c7 lg_7793722858_5e8a72e899 lg_7793721174_aa1353af3f lg_7793719206_a3cb47ac2b lg_7793693834_1cb143b4b3 picture galleries for websitesby v6.0