Mask Holder

Mask Holder

Mask Holder, a nice, simple and smart design. Especially in this COVID 19 situation, mask Holder can help us to keep our facemask clean and store well. Facing the daily cost of facial mask, we have to think about how to use our mask wisely and properly. For example, when you are having breakfast, lunch or supper, you don’t want to throw the mask away if it is just newly opened. In this way, you can put your mask temporarily in a mask holder.

plastic mask holder

How to Use

  1. Before taking off the mask, wash both hand hands properly. Attach mask out-facing side to MASK HOLDER with nose stripe oriented upward, do not touch the mask.
  2. Together with the mask, fold both lower flips towards the upper portion of MASK HOLDER.
  3. Fold left and right portion together.
  4. Put ear loops to the opposite edge and tie the Mask Holder.
plastic mask holder
plasticmask holder instructions


  • When folding the mask holder with a mask, DO NOT touch the out-facing side of the mask.
  • Clean the product before and after every use.
  • Use Sanitizer or soap to cleaning the mask holder
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