plastic color sheeting
plastic colour sheeting

Plastic Sheets and Contributions to Industries in Malaysia

Plastic sheet has had very huge impact on society from a small and large scale perspective in Malaysia. In case you haven’t realized how widespread plastic based products are in Malaysia, look around your home or office. You will definitely notice that there are many plastic items around you. All those items you see were initially plastic sheet goods before they were made into the products/items you see today. It is therefore accurate to say that plastic sheets have revolutionized the modern world.

The introduction of plastic sheets in the construction and manufacturing industries in Malaysia has had a great impact on the way things are made today. What is even more exciting is the way people have been able to embrace plastic materials across many other many other industries. Plastic sheets have become more popular in different applications where durability isn’t one the main concern. This can be attributed to the fact that goods made using acrylic plastic sheets don’t contain bisphenol-A popularly known as BPA which is a potentially harmful compound present in polycarbonate.

How Goods are Made From Plastic Sheet

It is important to have an idea of how plastic sheet goods or products are manufactured in Malaysia. This might require review into the background of plastic sheets in order to appreciate their prevalence in society today. Plastic sheet goods are made through a polymerization process that involves emulsion, extrusion, solution or bulk based production. During these processes, a number of molecular compounds are added to produce a lightweight and hard shatter proof plastic sheet.

Plastic sheets are naturally transparent however due to numerous modifications done during production; it is possible to get plastic sheets in different colors. The transparent nature of plastic materials is one of the main reasons why architects, designers and artists love using acrylic plastic for making prototypes, installations, models and sometimes decor and furniture. Although colored plastics are very popular among the general public, transparent sheets are widely used in construction of interior/exterior building structures.

It is worth noting that plastic sheets have a delicate outer material after the final stages of production. This makes plastic sheets easily scratched. The plastic sheets must undergo modification processes after initial production to make them scratch resistant. This additional layer gives plastic sheets a special coating which is extremely tough and hard. Because plastic sheets are used in a number of heavy duty applications, the plastic can’t be used in its original (brittle) state.

Once plastics are cooled and harden, they are various ways to mold and cut into different shapes or sizes using precise laser cutting tools. In cases where intricate cuts aren’t necessary, a saw can be used to cut and produce nice and clean straight edge cuts. For large plastic sheet goods, the plastic sheets can be joined together through a welding process which eliminates visible joint markings. Since plastic sheets are extremely easy to handle as well as customize, the sheets qualify for many DIY (do-it-yourself) applications. Their affordability also makes them applicable for home improvement projects or additions. Although there are very many obvious uses of plastic sheet goods, there are also very many applications that are unknown or haven’t been tried before.

Plastic materials are also extremely adaptable. This feature makes them very versatile. It is therefore hard to find an industry which doesn’t make good use of plastic materials in one way or the other. You can bet on the fact that you will come into contact or use plastic materials daily that initially started as simple plastics before being transformed into something that looks entirely different. Examples of goods containing acrylic plastic include; light fixtures, store signs, automobiles, furniture and boats. The durable and lightweight properties of hard plastic are the most appealing.

Acrylic plastic is also used in making very many technologically devices i.e. laptop screens and cell phones. Plastic sheets can assume any shape and form. Unlike other materials, they don’t have to be confined to flatness. There are very many plastic forms that have been modified into rolls, tubes among other shapes to meet custom specifications. Plastic sheet fabricators are equipped with all the knowledge and skills necessary to make the material achieve any shape or size you can think of. Flexibility also tops the list of the most favorable plastic properties. This property is one of the top reasons why plastic sheets are very popular building materials.

Plastic sheet is also popular because you can achieve any size and thickness. Plastic sheet sizes range from a paper thin size to a size that is thick enough to act as an effective sound barrier wall. With all these different thickness possibilities, plastic sheet applications are limitless. This explains why different advancements have been made on plastic sheet goods. It is also important to note that there are still very many plastic sheet applications that need to be exploited in the future. Exploring all these different applications is exciting.

You shouldn’t expect plastic sheets to take a back seat any time soon since their potential is yet to be reached to the fullest. Plastic sheets are incredible modern innovations because of the applications and uses linked with the material. The material is also cheaper than glass from a production and manufacturing perspective. To realize how versatile this material is, challenge yourself to list all the ways you can utilize plastic sheets at home or in your business.

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