Top 5 Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic is one of the packaging materials that can meet your packaging related needs while packaging any kind of materials. Though we are using plastic in one form or the other for many decades but these days we are using plastic packaging in many ways in our day-to-day life. Various types of packaging materials have been introduced during the last many decades. But plastic packaging is gaining popularity these days because it can be used to increase the shelf life of consumer goods as well as protecting the freshness of perishable food items for a long time.

In this way, plastic packaging is very beneficial in our daily life. In this write-up, we are going to discuss some of the top benefits of plastic packaging like lightweight, durability, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. A closer look at these benefits of plastic packaging will help you to know their importance in your life.


The best benefit of plastic packaging is its lightweight. As compared to other packaging materials the weight of plastic packaging is just 17% of the total weight but their coverage can be more than 50% of the total. According to various studies, the average weight of all other types of packaging materials including paperboard, paper, steel, glass, textiles, aluminum, cork, and rubber, etc. is 4.5 times more than that of plastics. To create a similar packaging you will have to use more material while using alternative packaging materials.

In this way, plastic packaging can protect your products more efficiently than other materials without adding weight to them. Moreover, the manufacturing and shipping costs of plastics will also be much less than other materials. Furthermore, plastics emit lesser greenhouse gasses and consume lesser energy while recycling it as compared to other materials.


Plastic packaging can protect your products as efficiently as steel packaging as both are equally strong materials. Plastics can protect all types of products ranging from fragile and expensive electronics to perishable food products because of their durability withstands wear and tear not only during production but also during shipping. Moreover, they also allow you to see the product packaged in them in your home as well as on the shelves of a store which makes it easier to find the product of your choice for anyone.


Many people are of the view that plastics are harmful to the environment but actually they are eco-friendly as it is sustainable. Plastics are very efficient to protect resources as they resist corrosion as well as do not interact with your tissues if induced into the human body.

Packaging made of plastic can be recycled very frequently and easily. Billions of pounds of plastic bottles, rigid plastics other than bottles, and plastic films after consumption are recycled all over the world every year.

Moreover, plastics have contributed much less than other packaging materials when it comes to measuring their effect on global warming. Plastics emit nearly 76 million metric tons less carbon dioxide as compared to other materials. In this way, plastic packaging saves the emission of green house gases by keeping nearly 16 million vehicles off the road.


Plastics used for packaging are extremely cost-effective as compared to alternative packaging materials as their transportation cost is also very low due to their lightweight and extensive coverage. They also help you to save money while recycling them as they consume much less energy as compared to alternative materials. In this way, plastic packaging not only allows to save money while using it but also after using it as compared to other materials.


Any other packaging material cannot be as versatile as plastic packaging as it can be molded custom made to fit any product. You can find them in different shapes including spherical and cylindrical boxes etc. It allows you to display your product on a hanger or an open frame as it can seal them perfectly to save them from dirt and dust. It allows you to package products of all sizes, shapes, and states including cold, hot, bases and acids, etc.

Thus plastic packaging offers limitless benefits to its users if used carefully.

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